The Science of Attracting More of What You Want

At its most basic level, the Law of Attraction is based on the concept of “like attracts like”. It is a philosophy based upon which we can live our lives on our own terms and attract things, people and experiences to us.

The Law of Attraction take the concept of “like attracts like” to the deeper level of our thoughts and beyond that of our actions. We attract circumstances, material objects and people to us according to the thoughts that we hold consistently in mind. At a commonsense level, think about successful businessmen. It is obvious that they spend far more time thinking about and visualising their success in business as compared to those who do not do as well. This is the Law of Attraction in action.

Although deceptively simple, the Law of Attraction is based on the scientific concept that everything in the world is simply energy. Indeed in the field of quantum physics, scientists are beginning to understand that all material "things" are actually just energy vibrating at a certain frequency. This means that energy vibrating at one frequency appears as a tree; at another frequency, this energy appears as a person, a car, or anything else that exists. Our thoughts, like everything else in the universe, are “things” too. This means that not only our thoughts have power but also that the thoughts or beliefs we consistently keep in mind do affect us

Thoughts are the building blocks of our reality. Start with a single positive thought, focused with unyielding precision on a goal you desire to achieve in your life. The more you feel good, the more you will feel good. Make a habit of this and pretty soon you will have an avalanche of positive thought and emotion running through your life, attracting only the best the universe has to offer you.



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