The situation in which we find ourselves
is a direct reflection of our image.
How they perceive us and most importantly,
how we perceive ourselves directly affects our
self-esteem and our results.
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The Route #66 has been designed for those people who are tired of having the role of an extra in their own life and want to become the main star and achieve success.

Achieving success, from our point of view, is to achieve your goals. For some it may be, becoming the best mother or father in the world and for others it may be leading a business empire and generating millions in income.

In Trans-Coaching we know exactly what difficulties you will encounter on the road to achieve your desired goals. Our daily workshop is designed to help companies and individuals get the results that they want. Designed exclusively for those who seek a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION by improving their habits and changing the course of their life. Starting with their physical appearance and way of thinking.

And all this we can do it in 7, 21 or 66 days, you choose!!

The direct benefits that you will get at the end of The Route are:

  • More energy
  • Feel healthier
  • Eating better
  • Managing your emotions efficiently
  • Being in control of your life

We are what we eat, we all experience the effects of food in some way.


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We all know how important it is to take care of our body but we do not all know how to do it.


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Our mind directs our emotions and as a consequence our actions.


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